Huawei MateBook X Pro evaluation: The MateBook X Pro squeezes some big options into its little bundle

From editing photos in Photoshop, to compiling C# programs in Visual Studio, this laptop computer simply mows by way of anything you set it to. Huawei has, maybe quite deliberately, made a superb work laptop computer.

It’s an Nvidia 1, it’s what most firms are using rather than Iris Plus or Iris Pro Graphics, which aren’t out there for eighth era processors. It’s a great GPU, it’s gonna offer you a little increase, and for those of you paying consideration, this is the 25-watt model of that GPU. I actually have to level this out Huawei could be very aggressive with their auto-display brightness, which means it tends to be a darker display than I suppose most individuals would like.

It will preserve your battery life, but you’ll probably wanna disable that when you don’t like the way they aggressively use display brightness. In the decrease-spec model is an i5-8250U, 8GB of RAM and no separate GPU.

huawei matebook x pro vs dell xps 13

The MacBook Air bezel is hardly chunky, however its nonetheless noticeably thicker (particularly on the bottom) than the XPS thirteen. Mark Hachman / IDGDell’s choices proceed on the high of the heap, with the Matebook X Pro trailing. I’m a tall person (6’2″), and it cut off half of my face if I sat normally.

The broad keys provide a spacious touchdown pad for your fingers, and the resistance helps cushion your fingers. As I normally do, I wrote this evaluate utilizing the Matebook X Pro’s keyboard, and I’d happily accomplish that once more. Huawei’s Matebook X Pro focuses on the areas you’ll care about, making this skinny-and-mild one to contemplate on your subsequent laptop computer buy. Neither the XPS 13 nor the MacBook Pro got that warm, however the underside of the Spectre 13 hit a hot 109 degrees. The matebook x is totally completely different and isn’t in the identical class because the XPS thirteen and the X Pro.

That means you get basically the identical graphics energy as the original MateBook X which also used the Intel chip’s built-in graphics. After figuring out all the variations you must have decided what laptop suits you essentially the most.

No speakers sit on either facet of the keyboard, and only the hybrid fingerprint reader and power button sit at its top-proper corner. This permits for one-push power and sign on—the Matebook thirteen powered on and signed me in inside 10 seconds of urgent the button each time. The precision trackpad is longer than it’s tall, but it’s nonetheless a spacious trackpad. It appears somewhat squished because of the large space that the keyboard takes up, however I wasn’t hampered by its placement or its dimension. With the most recent Dell XPS mannequin, the bezel has been shrunk down so it’s barely even noticeable, resulting in a slick, clean look.

Openly announcing the winner isn’t clear because both go face to face and where one lacks something the opposite once covers it. The smartest thing can be to decide on the most effective one in your needs. As an example, the MateBook is an efficient alternative for those whose work contain graphical tasks. Whereas, the XPS thirteen could be perfect for individuals who journey so much and carry their laptop computer because it comes with higher battery and is lightweight. Between the keyboard and the unusual display screen facet ratio, it’s apparent that Huawei supposed this to be a workstation, and it shines on this regard.

If I typed, my fingers’ proximity to the camera exaggerated their dimension to B-film proportions. I enlisted a shorter individual (5’2″) to attempt the camera, and the digicam framed them perfectly nicely. You may find that the upward-dealing with perspective isn’t flattering for most people. Though the Matebook X Pro’s backlit keys are a bit stiffer and shallower than I’d favor, the typing experience was pleasant.